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You likely don’t realize how often you utilize the shoulder until it’s in pain. Everything from getting dressed to using a handheld device to coughing may engage your shoulder joint and soft tissues. 

Chiropractors offer services that assess the body’s musculoskeletal system (consisting of its joints and tissues) and help it heal naturally, making your local chiropractor a great line of defense for shoulder discomfort. 


This post discusses:

  • Common reasons for shoulder pain
  • Shoulder pain conditions
  • How to help prevent shoulder pain and restrictions 
  • Chiropractic care to treat shoulder pain
  • And more

If you’re suffering from shoulder discomfort or loss of range of motion, this article will give you some insight into your next steps and fill you in on how to stave off shoulder pain in the future. 


Why Does My Shoulder Hurt?

The shoulder is used for many of our everyday movements, which apply consistent pressure to the shoulder joint and its surrounding and connective tissues. This constant use makes conditions and injuries related to shoulder pain a standard problem.


Common reasons you may experience shoulder pain include:

  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Overuse injury due to occupation, exercise, or sports
  • Chronic injury
  • Trauma such as a car accident
  • Poor posture or ergonomics
  • Improper lifting technique and movement patterns

Whether you have habitual improper movement patterns or have been involved in an accident, learning how to support your body will play an instrumental role in healing and staying healthy. Working with a chiropractor, you’ll get education and guidance so you can avoid chronic shoulder pain and re-injury. 


Common dysfunctions and injuries related to shoulder pain include:

  • Inflammation
  • Sprains and strains
  • Scar tissue
  • Rotator cuff injuries
  • Frozen shoulder

Whether you’ve overstretched your shoulder muscles or have regular wear and tear, your shoulder pain and these conditions can be successfully treated with chiropractic care and everyday support. 


Preventing Shoulder Pain

There’s no way to guarantee you never get shoulder pain, but keeping your body strong, flexible, and healthy makes you less prone to injuries. And, if you do get injured, you’re more likely to have a smoother recovery. 

Tips to help avoid shoulder pain include:

  • Get regular exercise
  • Stretch daily to support flexibility and range of motion
  • Commit to proper posture
  • Never push through pain unless under chiropractic or medical supervision
  • Get good quality sleep so your body can restore itself regularly 
  • Hydrate often and eat a nutritious diet
  • Stay at a healthy weight
  • Visit your chiropractor for wellness checks to stay ahead of injuries when possible

It’s often the case that we don’t take care of ourselves until dysfunctions arise that result in discomfort, but know that it’s never too late to start these healthy habits.


Visit Our Tampa Chiropractor & Manage Shoulder Pain

Our Tampa chiropractic team understands that you need a body that can fully support your lifestyle, a body you feel confident with. We’ve helped several patients with shoulder pain, learning about them personally, examining them physically, and listening to their pain points, goals, and needs.

Our chiropractic services are comprehensive, safe, non-invasive, and always natural, nurturing the body’s healing process. We often use at least one solution to encourage a faster recovery and typically provide exercise and stretching methods to do at home, along with guidance and insight so you can get and stay strong. 

Common chiropractic techniques we offer to relieve shoulder pain include:

Don’t let your shoulder pain affect your quality of life. The solutions your body deserves are just a click away. 

Let’s get you booked and moving with ease and intention starting today. 

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