How Your Chiropractor Will Help Alleviate Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow can be painful and affect the mobility and comfort of your arm, making movement difficult. What may surprise you is that even non-tennis players can get the condition. When you consistently use your elbow, the joint and tissues may experience overuse dysfunctions that lead to damage. 

Most of us rely on proper elbow function for everything from driving a car to playing sports to working on our computers. 


This post goes over:

  • What tennis elbow is
  • Causes of tennis elbow 
  • At-home natural remedies for pain related to tennis elbow 
  • Chiropractic solutions to treat tennis elbow
  • And more

Do you think you have tennis elbow? This article will help you figure it out. 

What is Tennis Elbow? 

We experience tennis elbow when the soft tissues that connect the elbow to the forearm become inflamed or otherwise irritated. This often occurs due to regular repetitive use, typically because of sports, exercise, or occupation.


Those prone to tennis elbow include:

  • Athletes that hold racquets, such as with tennis, squash, pickleball, and racquetball
  • Baseball and softball players
  • Bowlers
  • Golfers
  • Carpenters, cleaners, painters, and plumbers
  • Musicians
  • Auto mechanics
  • Butchers and chefs
  • Dentists
  • Landscapers

With constant use, the forearm muscles become strained, and tears can develop as the tissues surrounding the elbow become damaged and unable to support your movements.  

In most cases, the activity that causes tennis elbow needs to be done daily for extended periods and requires consistent wrist use or arm use. However, tennis elbow may also be the result of a traumatic accident such as a slip and fall. 

Symptoms of Tennis Elbow

Recognizing tennis elbow may be tricky, as it can stimulate several symptoms associated with soft tissue and joint damage. 


Some common symptoms of tennis elbow include:

  • Stiffness and weakness of the elbow
  • Stiffness or pain when straightening and extending your arm
  • Pain when bending your arm, twisting your arm, or grasping an item
  • Burning sensation in the outer elbow 
  • Radiating pain or burning that travels from the elbow down to the wrist 
  • Elbow pain that worsens at night 
  • Tender and swollen elbow 
  • Weakened grip when holding items such as a racquet or pen

It’s best to visit your local chiropractor to ensure you get the right diagnosis, that your elbow gets the correct treatment plan, and so you can learn how to keep your body safe from re-injury. 

Relieving Pain Associated with Tennis Elbow

If you’re suffering from tennis elbow discomfort and looking for chiropractor-approved tips for relief, below is a list of safe and organic things to try that may also lend to the healing process.

Elevate and ice the elbow

With elevation and ice, inflammation and swelling are minimized because blood flow is reduced. While circulation is vital to healing, it can cause further discomfort and increase inflammation, which leads to restricted movement. Get the swelling controlled before stimulating circulation.

Ice will also provide a numbing sensation to the area, which will help deter the feeling of pain. 

Gently stretch and massage the elbow and arm

Stretching and massaging the affected tissues can remove tension and pressure from the injured areas and will increase relaxation in the body and mind. Remember, it’s important to listen to your body. If your pain is heightened while doing this, stop immediately. 

Don’t push through pain

Discontinue any activities that are causing your elbow to hurt. You should never ignore your pain; it’s the only way your body can communicate that something is wrong. Give your elbow a break and allow it to rest when necessary. While at rest, the tissues and joints have time to recover and restore. 

Chiropractic Solutions to Treat Tennis Elbow in Tampa

Chiropractic services are non-invasive, proven solutions to treat disorders and injuries within the musculoskeletal system, including tennis elbow. Our Tampa chiropractor will provide a comprehensive physical exam that details the precise imbalances within the affected elbow and arm and create a resolution strategy. 


Common chiropractic methods to help heal tennis elbow include:

Our in-clinic services will complement the take-home guidance and education you’ll receive, giving you the tools to keep your body safe going forward. We know you want to get back to your lifestyle pain-free; let’s get you there. 

Visit our Tampa chiropractic clinic and manage your pain responsibly. Book your appointment today to get started. 

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