Reducing Hip Pain Naturally at Home

Our hips bear significant weight and provide function while both sedentary and active. The hip joints allow us to move our upper legs, and they provide balance and support for the upper body. 

When the hip is impaired, many of our everyday movements pay the price, and you may find yourself with pain, stiffness, and motion loss. Because a healthy hip is critical to actions such as walking, bending, standing, even sitting, you should get help for your hip as soon as you can if showing signs of pain.

Chiropractic is an excellent way to find the cause of your hip pain and get a healing plan that uses safe solutions for lasting results. However, sometimes, you just need hip pain relief now. 

This post gives you three great tips to reduce hip pain at home, and the best part is that you won’t be running to the medicine cabinet. Plus, these tips will stimulate the body’s innate healing process as comfort is quickly increased—double win.


Tips to Quickly Relieve Hip Pain At Home 


This sounds simple and obvious, but rest can be challenging for many people. You have a job, a family, sports, and social engagements; several things can stand in the way of getting adequate rest when injured. 

Pushing through pain can not only aggravate and inflame your symptoms but can also lead to further and more serious injuries or chronic discomfort. Rest is vital to recovery and restoration, encouraging the body to heal itself while giving your hips a break from activities causing harm. 

Apply heat, cold, and compression

Heat and ice offer different yet highly effective healing and pain-reducing assets to your recovery plan. 

Hip pain is typically due to inflammation in the hip’s soft tissues. Icing the hips will reduce the inflammation by deterring blood flow to the injury, effectively minimizing swelling. The cold may also decrease muscle spasms and cramps, as it supplies a numbing sensation that can benefit comfort. 

Once inflammation has been controlled, heat will encourage circulation to the injury, which is important to healing. With the healthy blood flow comes nutrients and oxygen that contribute to recovery. Heat also provides tension and pressure relief as muscles relax and inflammation is hindered, restoring comfort. 

Compression will also discourage inflammation and swelling. Wrapping the affected hip will allow the joint to stay in place and help with movement by preventing sudden stress on the joint. Wrapping the injury will also be a reminder to take it easy on the hip, reducing the risk of further harm. 

Stretch and massage

Just as important as rest, movement is also key to healing. Stretching and massaging the hip is another way to promote relaxation within the soft tissues and remove undue pressures; however, they can also encourage strength and flexibility and reduce stiffness. 

Stretching and massage may help with mental well-being, as well. When we’re anxious or stressed, that negative impact often manifests physically in our neck, shoulders, and hips. Massage and gentle stretches are a great way to relieve mental burdens, which can contribute to your overall comfort.  

Remember to listen to your body and stop any stretching or movements that cause more pain.


Visit Our Tampa Chiropractic Clinic for Effective Hip Pain Relief 

While all of the above tips can immediately reduce the severity of your pain, partnering with an experienced local chiropractor for lasting hip pain relief is the best way to get the results you want. Our team will give you a full assessment to determine the reason behind your symptoms; this allows us to create the ultimate healing strategy. 

We use natural and safe chiropractic services that nurture fast, effective healing using a comprehensive approach to care. 


Common chiropractic services we use to relieve hip pain include:


Your treatment doesn’t stop in our clinic; we’ll also give you guidance on how to better support your body moving forward so you have the tools to keep your hips protected. 

Contact our Tampa chiropractic clinic or book your appointment today, and let’s get your hip pain under control so you can return to the activities you enjoy pain-free.  

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